What is Resvent iBreeze Auto-CPAP / APAP Machine

  • What is Resvent iBreeze Auto-CPAP / APAP Machine

    Although often referred to as an auto CPAP machine, the Resvent iBreeze is actually a paracetamol machine that provides automated positive airway pressure, not continuous positive airway pressure. The difference is that instead of providing the same fixed level throughout the night, the APAP machine automatically adjusts the pressure level for each breath to meet your needs. This makes it more acceptable to those who strive to adapt to standard continuous positive pressure ventilation therapy.
    Our CPAP machine in these 2 AP and CP modes can have its own switches

  • Resvent iBreeze Auto-CPAP / APAP Machine Features

    Two therapy modes (APAP vs CPAP)|Intelligent Humidification|Pressure Relief|Smart Ramp Settings|Easy-to-Read LCD|Compact Design|Leak Detection

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  • Two Therapy Modes (APAP vs CPAP)

    * The auto-CPAP machine also has CPAP mode so the user can discover which therapy mode fits better for him/her.

    *Long press Ramp button and navigation dial simultaneously for 3 seconds to switch the unit to Doctor Menu so pressure value, therapy mode and other advanced settings can be adjusted.

  • Intelligent Humidification

    Humidification can make sleep apnea therapy much more comfortable, moisturizing the pressurized air to prevent dry mouth and nasal passages. The iBreeze series features an integrated humidifier that monitors water levels and will turn off automatically when levels are too low. There’s even a visible alert to let you know.

    The heated humidifier can also detect ambient moisture and temperature in the room! The ideal moisture level is maintained throughout the night to prevent condensation from building up within the CPAP mask and tubing.

  • Pressure Relief

    In addition to the iBreeze’s automatic pressure adjustment, Resvent’s Intelligent Pressure Release (IPR) algorithm function allows for a softer, lower pressure range during exhalation. This helps further customize the sleep apnea therapy experience for each user, allowing for easier exhalation that feels more natural.

  • Smart Ramp Settings

    With Smart Ramp, the iBreeze starts out at a low air pressure that is barely noticeable, gradually increasing to full therapeutic pressure as you settle in and fall asleep.

  • Easy-to-Read LCD

    iBreeze’s 3.5” LCD screen is easy to navigate to adjust your therapy, ramp, and comfort settings, even in the middle of the night without your glasses or contacts. There is an SD card option and the iBreeze is wi-fi enabled as well, so you can use the iMatrix sleep data management app to see more in-depth stats and information.

  • Leak Detection

    The iBreeze automatically senses and alerts you to air pressure leaks, which can happen if your masks doesn’t fit well or if your supplies are worn out. Full strength air pressure is critical to make sure your sleep therapy is effective! No one wants to wake up in the morning only to realize their therapeutic pressurized air was leaking out through the night. And not only does it detect a leak, its leak compensation feature will automatically boost your pressure to make up for it!

    It can also sense and alert you when mask holes are blocked, which can happen occasionally if you shift positions during the night or if your bedding is obstructing your mask. Consult your user manual to find out more about how to configure the alerts and settings.

  • Mask Compatibility

    You can comfortably use any kind of BiPAP or CPAP mask you wish with the iBreeze’s standard 22 mm connection. This includes full face masks, nasal masks, and even those manufactured by another brand like the ResMed Airfit or DreamWear by Philips.