Only the ICU uses a ventilator ❓

Only the ICU uses a ventilator
Answer: NO!!
Home ventilators can also be used in ordinary homes!!
1. What is a home ventilator?
Home ventilators are generally non-invasive ventilators. It is mainly connected with the human body through the mouth and nose mask or nose mask, and plays a role of respiratory assistance for patients.
2. Working principle of home ventilator
In simple terms, a home ventilator acts as an air compressor. When the patient's lungs are failing or the sleeping airway is blocked, it can apply pressure to the air to keep the airway open and thus maintain normal breathing. It is a "green passage" of life.
3. Household ventilators are suitable for people
① Someone who snores a lot during sleep
②. Patients with respiratory dysfunction such as severe emphysema and COPD
4. Resvent iBreeze ventilator
①. Single level ventilator: can effectively improve snoring and suffocation of patients, reduce the symptoms of hypoxia.
②. Double-level ventilator: It can help patients breathe, reduce the work of respiratory muscle and relieve fatigue of respiratory muscle.

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