Snoring buy ventilator menu level or double level?

Snoring is a very common phenomenon in life, but most people don't think it is a health problem, and even think it is a manifestation of sound sleep. However, because it is easy to disturb the people around you, some friends may go to see a doctor, and only then do they know that snoring is a sleep disorder. Generally, doctors will recommend buying a ventilator for treatment.

Most people are relatively unfamiliar with home ventilators, and their cognition may still be on the critically ill ventilators in the ICU. In fact, home ventilators, as a kind of home medical equipment, have entered the civilian population just like home oxygen concentrators and other equipment. many years. For example, Zhou Hongyi of 360 said in the show that because of snoring, he basically carries a ventilator when going out.

Friends who are new to ventilators may struggle when purchasing. There are so many types of ventilators. Should I choose a single-level ventilator or a bi-level ventilator?

Auto-CPAP Machine

In fact, the single-level ventilator can be said to be specially used to treat snoring and apnea. Basically, the single-level ventilator is enough for most people. The single-level ventilator itself is relatively cheap and can meet the treatment needs of snoring friends. When purchasing, just look for the "CPAP" mode in the mode.

In the single-level ventilators of brands such as "Resvent", there will be an Auto-CPAP mode with a higher level of comfort, that is, a fully automatic single-level ventilator, which can ensure the therapeutic effect. while ensuring sleeping comfort.

BiPAP Machine

Most bilevel ventilators are mainly used for patients with pulmonary ventilation disorders, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis, but it does not mean that bilevel ventilators are only suitable for patients with respiratory failure. Bi-level ventilators can also be used for patients with snoring and apnea. In recent years, many manufacturers have launched bi-level automatic mode ventilators. This type of ventilator is actually designed for people who sleep and snore. Its advantage is that it is more comfortable than The single level is much higher, but the price is also much higher.

When it comes to the choice, it is still necessary to consider according to individual needs, because whether it is single level or double level, both can play a therapeutic role in the treatment of snoring. The difference mainly lies in the price and comfort level. Generally speaking, the more expensive the The higher the value, the better the experience will be. If you only consider basic treatment, you can buy Taiwan-made products. If you want to pursue a certain degree of comfort and experience, you can choose the  "Resvent".

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