Sleep well and strengthen immunity

Immunity is essential for every one of us. Ronglisten Medical calls on everyone to have a reasonable diet, strengthen exercise, regular work and rest, develop good habits, and build up an immunity line.

Adequate sleep allows our body to rest and recover, regulating the function of the immune system, and sleep disorders can have a negative impact on the immune mechanism. In particular, how does the common obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSA) harm immunity, what are the consequences, and how can it be effectively treated? Here's a look at the story OSA and immunization have to tell. 

OSA caused by chronic intermittent hypoxia and sleep fragmentation can cause macrophages, dendritic cells and natural killer cells, inherent lymphocyte, T cell and B cell number and phenotypic changes, induced a large amount of inflammatory factors such as CRP, IL - 6 and so on, causes the immune system regulating element affect the immune function, increase the infection and atherosclerosis, tumor and itself The incidence of a series of diseases such as immune diseases, great harm.

CPAP therapy will continue through the mask of positive pressure air flow into the airway, improving cooperation with oxygen, prevent the collapse of the airway and improve lung compliance, eliminates the sleep apnea and hypoventilation, hypercapnia and hypoxemia improve, improve the level of IL - 7 and Treg immune cells, effectively restrain the inflammatory reaction, improve immune imbalance and sleep structure element, improve Sleep quality and immunity.

Resvent CPAP machine has stable quality, rich function and humanized operation interface, precise parameter control, low noise, comfortable man-machine synchronization and equipment side/cloud/APP terminals, such as data transmission function, for patients with OSA provide comfortable, safe, considerate, lightweight CPAP therapy, comfort and convenience, mentally enjoy breathing, to enjoy the high quality sleep, in order to improve Immunity wears "protective clothing".

Resvent Philosophy: Rest easy, Everything good start with healthy rest!

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