Can sleep apnea be the cure for snoring once and for all?

Snoring is a common thing. Many people may ask when they see the title: Why do you use the word cure for snoring?

  Because snoring is actually a kind of disease.

  There are many types of snoring, including temporary snoring caused by overwork, and snoring caused by the structure of the nasal cavity. Today we are going to talk about OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). People with this disease snore very loudly. During sleep, breathing repeatedly pauses for 10 seconds (or more) from time to time, resulting in the clinical syndrome of repeated hypoxemia and hypercapnia. This type is malignant snoring, which is called "obstructive sleep disorder" in medicine. Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome" (English abbreviation OSAHS, also can be referred to as OSA. Hereinafter, it is uniformly represented by OSA).

  OSA can lead to many complications, such as drowsiness during the day, lethargy, dry mouth, and waking up at night. The biggest difference between OSA and ordinary snoring is that OSA can lead to hypoxia in the human body, and severe hypoxia can even lead to sudden death of the snorer, so this is why we need to treat snoring.

  At present, there are two ways to treat snoring. One is surgical correction. However, with the current level of surgical treatment, the curative effect cannot be achieved. There will be a greater risk of recurrence after surgery, and the surgery itself has certain risks, so it is generally not Surgery is recommended.

  So let’s talk about the “non-invasive positive pressure ventilation therapy” first recommended by the medical community, that is, the “sleep breathing machine” therapy.

  The first is the principle of the sleep apnea machine: by continuously delivering a certain pressure of airflow to the patient's airway, a gas support is formed to support the opening of the patient's airway, ensure the smooth breathing of the patient, and eliminate the negative effects of snoring and OSAHS.

  Theoretically speaking, as long as the parameters of the ventilator used are adjusted accurately, there will be no snoring that day. Because no matter what kind of snoring, the principle is the same, that is, the upper airway of the human body is narrowed and blocked during sleep, as long as the upper airway can be kept unobstructed, snoring will not occur.

  The sleep breathing machine uses the air blown out by the ventilator to support the upper airway of the patient. As long as the air pressure blown out by the ventilator can support the upper airway, the problem of snoring can be solved.

  The problem is that each person's airway structure is different. The same pressure may be effective for A, but when B is using it, the pressure may not be enough to open his airway, so the problem of snoring will still occur.

  So often before we use the ventilator, we usually do a pressure titration, and adjust the pressure parameters of the ventilator through the titration results to reach a suitable range. Taiwan, I bought it back and used it. I felt too uncomfortable, and then it was pressed to the bottom of the box. It was a waste of money and OSA was not cured.

  Back to the topic, can a sleep apnea machine cure snoring once and for all?

  The answer is no, the sleep apnea machine can only keep you from snoring when you are using it. In other words, even if you use it for ten years, if you don’t wear it, you may still snore.

  There is only one fundamental cure for snoring, which is to lose weight, because more than 90% of sleep apnea is caused by obesity. However, this is still a vicious circle. Previous studies have shown that snoring can lead to endocrine disorders and aggravate obesity.

  Therefore, the best way is to lose weight while using a ventilator, which can effectively prevent the onset of OSA during weight loss and make the weight loss process easier.

  It can be said that as long as there is no problem with the parameters of the vast majority of people, they will not snore when using a ventilator, so if you want to use a ventilator to solve the snoring problem and worry that the ventilator will not work well, you can rest assured about this and breathe The machine effect is significant.Finally, welcome to choose Resvent.

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