About Snoring and Ventilators

I, in my forties, am a fat man who is trying to lose weight.

The snoring is very severe. Originally, the quality of my wife’s sleep is not good. Sleeping in a separate room with my wife will wake her up, so I have been trying to find a way. I accidentally saw something like a ventilator. It is said that the effect is very good. At the beginning, I was very hesitant. The first hesitation was whether it was effective, the second was that I didn’t know which brand was good, and the third was whether the user experience was good.

I searched online, including asking friends who are doctors, to be clear, in the means and equipment of snoring information, including various operations and equipment, ventilators are recommended. Many other methods such as anti-snoring devices, air pillows, etc., are only effective for specific groups of people, but the ventilator has a wide range of adaptations, and the palliative effect is absolutely first-class. But the only problem is adaptability, which I will talk about later.

Brands are easy to choose, just a few of them, Feijia, Ruijia, Feijia, Yujia, etc. There are a dozen or so in total. I think that if you want to buy this thing, you should buy the best brand. Ruijia and Feijia, choose one of the two, the price is about the same, the price of an iPhone.

The use experience is the most helpless thing for me. We only have the experience center of Feijia. We call to make an appointment. They are very polite and tell me that there is no time limit and you can sleep if you want. I went to experience for 1 hour, both single-level and double-level. After that, the double-level ventilator is really not comfortable at all. I compared it during the experience. I didn’t feel it at first, but after people were quiet, they obviously felt that the single-level ventilator had a certain air resistance when breathing. The pressure provided during pressure is different, so it is much more comfortable, and it feels no different from normal breathing.

Later, I asked about the price, because I asked the hospital friends to say hello before I went, and they gave a relatively low internal price, and I didn’t explain it. Anyway, the single level is almost the price of the iPhone 8 beggar’s version, and the double level is the iPhoneX beggar’s version. s price. I didn't buy it at that time, the reason was very strange, because of the appearance of the ventilator, I! Sleep! of! real! ugly! No matter which one, it's the same, ugly!

I asked a friend, and they said that Feijia’s Dream series was good-looking. It was a new product at the time, and it was not on the market in China. I bought a double level, but there was a small episode. The first few nights when I bought it back, I felt a little uncomfortable, air resistance, and a feeling of suffocation. Later, I adjusted the air supply pressure, exhaust pressure and supply and exhaust pressure in the machine. Poor, just fine.

A few feelings:

First, regarding the effect, my wife was woken up by sleeping in separate rooms before, but now sleeping together, my wife said that she did not hear the snoring sound after wearing a ventilator. When I didn't wear a ventilator before, the feeling of dryness in the back of my throat when I got up in the morning was gone. At present, the drowsiness has been relieved after using the ventilator for nearly half a year. I don't take a nap at noon, and it's fine in the afternoon and evening.

The second is that the ventilator should be put on as soon as possible, because I am very adaptable. I have used several masks, and the most comfortable one is wisp. In the first week, I felt uncomfortable in the middle of the night and took it myself. After two weeks, I was able to wear it to sleep all night, but it took 2 months to fully adapt. The younger you sleep, the faster you adapt. And I recommend buying it when the temperature is low. I bought it in October last year. At that time, I didn’t feel stuffy when I wore a mask on my face. Now, in the transitional season, I don’t turn on the air conditioner at night, and sometimes I feel a little sweaty when I wear a mask.

The third is that there must be a heated air supply pipe, otherwise the condensed water in the cover will flow into the nose or mouth in winter, which will make you feel sick.


But having said so much, it is impossible for the ventilator to cure the root cause, it can only treat the symptoms, so in addition to using the ventilator, let's try to lose weight.

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